Copyright: Kirklees Model Boat Club 2010-2013 Radio Control models are of two types, those which operate on the ground or on water, known as 'surface' models and those which operate in the air. Typically, radio control is used to control model cars, ships ( which include steam, electric and yachts ) and aircraft. Toy radio controlled models tend to operate at 49 MHz where a small band exists for general purpose low power radio devices. A Licence is not required, this was made exempt from the licensing requirements of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 as from January 1981. Any licences issued before that date do not require renewing. The Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption) (Amendments) (Model Control Apparatus) Regulations 1987 (S.1. 1987 No. 776) include details of additional frequencies to be used for model control. The frequency Bands available for the use of radio control models are shown below, together with the effective radiated power output of the transmitter measured in milliwatts. The 26/27 MHz band is also allocated for Citizens Band radio and low power telemetry and telecommand devices as well as model control. The 458/459 MHz band is also allocated to general telemetry and telecommand devices between 458.5 - 458.8 MHz and specialised telemetry between 458.8 - 459.1 MHz. Whilst the potential for mutual interference is minimal, model controllers should avoid the specialised telemetry part of this band. The use of the different bands is important; 40 MHz is solely dedicated to surface modelling and 34/35 MHz is solely dedicated to aeronautical modelling. All model control equipment must operate within the frequency bands shown above. The effective radiated power of the equipment must not exceed 100mW. Radio Equipment (transmitter) must display the frequency in use. This is normally displayed as a flag on the aerial. Any further information regarding radio frequencies and condition can be obtained from: Low Power Radio Section, Radio Communications Agency, Room 712, Waterloo Bridge House, Waterloo Road, London SE18UA Effective Radiated Power 100mW 100mW 100mW 100mW Use General Surface General Air Frequency (In MHz) 26.96 to 27.28 40.665 to 40.955 458.5 to 459.5 34.995 to 35.255 27MHz Colour Table Colour Brown / Grey Brown Red / Brown Red Orange / Red Orange TX 26.975 26.995 27.025 27.045 27.075 27.095 RX 26.520 26.540 26.570 26.590 26.620 26.640 Colour Yellow / Orange Yellow Green / Yellow Green Blue / Green Blue TX 27.125 27.145 27.175 27.195 27.225 27.255 RX 26.670 26.690 26.720 26.740 26.770 26.800